View Full Version : Back Deck Speakers

12-07-10, 05:00 PM
I have my sts in for what I thought was warranty work. The back speakers (with nav/Bose System) were not working.... so I thought. In a nutshell, my service rep told me they worked fine. Damn if I can hear them. I wish I would have taken more time to trouble shoot them myself. I've had numerous people sitting in the back seat that they didn't hear anything coming from the back speakers. I figured because of the two speakers next to the head rest, I never noticed.

Soooo, how much sound is supposed to be coming from the rear deck speakers. Is there something about the Bose system (many speakers) in this car that might dictate that it appears less sound is coming from the deck speakers than I should expect? Well in fact, that's what the service rep suggested to me.

When I fade the speakers to the rear, it sounds like most if not all of the sound is coming from doors and headrest speakers.