View Full Version : groaning sound on highway, no one can identify

12-06-10, 08:38 PM
I own a 2006 sts awd v8.....when the car is in 5th gear during highway cruising, if you nudge the gas (for instance to pick up a little bit of speed to pass a car) the car starts groaning like crazy it will come on go off come on go off and the car takes forever to pick up speed.....had it at 1 dealer, they reprogrammed my transmission, didnt work noise still there.....had it at another dealer they said torque converter was clicking on and off, reprogrammed something, still didnt work....had it at a third dealer they dont even want to tear into it until something it broken....but noise is only in 5th gear cruising highway when trying to accelerate

so tech. it only makes the noise under light accel on the highway which would put more stress on the drive terrain so could it be that? because if you press the gas to where the transmission shifts gears it goes away