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12-06-10, 02:56 PM
My windows (especially the front) are going up slow. It's real noticeable when the weather turns cold. Is there something I can lube it up with?

12-06-10, 04:17 PM
Mine are pretty slow as well. I'm thinking its the window motor dying. I know its a big issue in the 4th gen f-body's so im guessing its the same here.

12-07-10, 12:03 PM
Same here! It was worse on the passenger side, I modified the rubber tracks inside the door to help it out! Silicone lube helps a lot, but the drivers side is very slow going up. Good thing they dont get used much in winter!

12-07-10, 10:20 PM
ive never had any problem with it until today... I was sitting in my school parking lot watching tv from my iphone to the stock nav screen (which uses extra power from the video and audio converters). i was just idling the whole time and it happened to me, but i thought it was solely because i was using more power, but my drivers side wasnt as slow as the passengers side...

12-14-10, 01:04 PM
I bought my 03 ESV in August of this year. It has 126,XXX miles on it. I have the same problem with both front windows. They are very sloooow! Thats how I found this site. I was searching to find out if this was a common problem for this generation Escalades.

03-15-11, 01:58 AM
Seems several people are having same issue including myself. Does anyone have a recommendation for a solution to the problem?

03-15-11, 08:29 PM
my passenger window was slow, then it stopped working.
it was due to the cable rotting out and breaking inside the door.
I had to replace the window regulator... fairly easy job, just do a search on you-tube

03-16-11, 05:22 PM
You may want to service your window regulators, including cleaning all the old grease or oil. Better to do it sooner than later as the more your motor strains the more liklihood of motor or cable failure. You will be pleasently surprised how the performance improves.