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12-05-10, 10:14 PM
Does anyone have a good photo of the front grill of a DTS with the adaptive cruise control? How different is it from the regular grill? Is this a worthwhile option for highway travel and does it work well?

12-06-10, 08:33 AM
Here you go.

The grille is different as the regular wreath and crest are replaced with a round panel that covers the cruise sensor.


12-06-10, 12:20 PM
Thanks Hartfordguy. I never knew the difference in the wreath & crest before. I imagine there are not as many DTS's on the road with that option, so I'll be on the lookout for them.

12-06-10, 07:37 PM
My wife's 2008 DTS came with ADC, and it had a radar unit behind the grill and a plastic wreath-and-crest in the grill for it to operate through. She wanted an all metal Vogue grill so the dealer moved the ADC radar unit down to operate through the all-plastic front facia. It get dirty quicker ("Clean the radar unit" message in the DIC) but seems to work fine in that location.

Lev Blekher
12-14-10, 05:23 PM
I would love to have that feature but man the emblem looks so cheap. I wish they could keep a real wreath and crest and still install the feature.

02-16-14, 11:25 PM
For the longest time I thought that this emblem had something to do with the Performance Level of the DTS. Glad to know what it is for now.

02-17-14, 08:03 AM
I don't have it on my DTS but do on my Jeep. This is probably a minority opinion, but I don't like it for highway travel. Works great if the person in front of you is using their cruise control. Too many in New England don't. Numerous times I have been driving along, not paying attention to the speedometer, and get the feeling that I'm not going fast, and find that I've dropped from my pre-set 70 mph down to 60 mph because the person in front slowly lost speed for no reason. So for highway driving I switch to regular cruise control. However, on two lane state roads where speed limits rise and fall as you enter and leave towns, it's great when you're in traffic because it just follows the guy in front. I've gone 40 miles, through half a dozen towns, never having to touch the brakes or accelerator (except to come to a full stop at stoplights).