: Any 2nd Gen SRX owners here former owners of a 2nd gen CTS? If so.. any regrets?

12-05-10, 10:46 AM
I wouldn't normally post in the SRX forum, with my having a 2nd gen CTS.. but I'm considering replacing my fully-optioned 2009 CTS Sport Sedan with a 2010 or 2011 SRX AWD Premium (for many of the same reasons other folks have in jumping over to a CUV), and have decided to begin perusing the threads here.
Is there a specific thread that contains comments (praises or complaints) about the 2nd gen SRX from people who might have come out of a 2nd gen CTS?
The transition to an SRX by someone such as myself who has driven a 2008+ CTS for the past 3 years is probably pretty smooth (particularly using the instruments and controls), given the interior layout of the SRX being so similar to the CTS.

On another note.. according to the GM Media Online website (link provided below)..
.. one of the items that's "New for 2011" on the SRX is 'Powertrain calibration enhancements to improve acceleration feel on 3.0L models'.
Has anyone here compared the 'acceleration feel' of a 2010 SRX 3.0L to a new 2011 SRX 3.0L? If so.. is there any discernable difference?
If there is something of a difference - I wonder if a TSB will eventually be released to improve the 'acceleration feel' of a 2010 SRX. The 'improvement' likely involves installing revised ECM and/or TCM software.


12-05-10, 11:13 AM
We had an 08 CTS performance/luxury edition, and I don't have any regrets about buying the SRX. The CTS was a fine car, and ours had the 3.6 non DI engine. The CTS definetly had a little more get up and go to it, but for us the SRX is just fine on power and acceleration. Where I enjoy the SRX over the CTS the most, is the size of the vehicle, able to haul more, and you sit up higher and have a better view of things. For me, the SRx is also much easier to get in and out of. I always felt like I had to crawl in and out of the CTS. Another plus for me on the SRX is that the seats are a little bigger and just fit me better. You are right about the controls. They are very similiar to the CTS. Our CTS didn't have navigation though, so that is a whole new experience learning to use it and th other bells and whistles. Hoe this helps.

12-05-10, 11:54 AM
Thanks Ponyman - that's exactly the sort of comment from previous 2008+ CTS owners I'm looking for. :thumbsup:

One of my biggest fears, I suppose, is selling/trading my very nice CTS in favor of an equally nice SRX, and then within a few days of getting it saying, "holy smokes, what have I done?!". With what you've mentioned though, I'm sure a lot of my concerns are unfounded. Yes, I'd miss the acceleration aspects of the 3.6L DI engine in my CTS.. but generally, my manner of driving is quite laid back, and I'm not always trying to beat my best 0-60 times.

If I absolutely had to have a better 'performing' (acceleration-wise) compact/midsize luxury CUV (which I don't), I'd probably go for the Audi Q5 3.2, which I see as the only other smart choice in this vehicle segment. All is not perfect with the Q5 however, as some of its controls are cumbersome, the rear seating area is judged as plain/down-market looking (compared to the SRX) and the cargo area is tighter (again, compared to the SRX). As well I find the SRX to be a better looking vehicle, more contemporary than the Q5.

BTW.. as far as acceleration is concerned on the SRX.. I read an article online last week that mentioned the 2012 SRX will be offered with a 320 HP 32-valve V8 in place of the current optional 2.8L turbo engine. That should take care of complaints from those who have criticized the SRX as being underpowered, with the optional 2.8L turbo engine (which requires premium fuel) as being "not quite enough" in the power department.

12-05-10, 12:55 PM
Wow, the SRX would be a monster with a 320 HP V-8. Based on the performance of our 3.0, I wouldn't trade it for the HP and the assumed loss of gas mileage on a V-8 SRX. Others have had some noise and handling issued with the SRX, but the only problem we have had was the chrome strip loss, and we have a recall I need to get done on the power steering hose, but that only affects a very few earlier cars. Maybe you can find a dealer to give you an extended test drive, or let you use a loaner/ demo for a few days. I admit it is hard letting go of a vehicle you like for one you think you will like.

12-05-10, 01:41 PM
Ponyman, thank you for your additional comment & info.

Yes, the SRX equipped with a latest-tech 320 HP V8 engine would be quite the monster.. but there are several Cadillac fans out there who lament the loss of an available V8 engine in the SRX. You will perhaps recall the 1st gen SRX was available with a V8. I think the right V8 engine dropped into the 2nd gen SRX would take the vehicle straight to the top of the heap in virtually EVERY category with respect to same-segment competitor vehicles.

That's a good suggestion regarding an extended test drive, or getting a demo/loaner for a few days. I will look into the latter.
I've already test-driven a couple of 2010 SRX AWD Premiums, equipped with the 3.0L engine. The acceleration wasn't too bad really, considering how much weight the 3.0L was having to haul around (not me of course - the weight of the vehicle!).
Given that your SRX 3.0L Premium is FWD (rather than AWD), the acceleration on your vehicle is probably a little better than 3.0L AWD versions (probably a half-second quicker to 60 mph).
You can't order/buy a Premium with FWD in Canada - a Premium is only available with AWD up here. (As well, the Premium here comes with the rear entertainment system as standard equipment, which drives the price up even further).

I see that all FWD versions (your Premium included) come with the standard "Ride & Handling" suspension, as opposed to the "Computer-controlled continuously-variable real-time damping Sport" suspension that's found on most content levels of the AWD version. Did you have an opportunity to sample both suspensions when you were checking out the SRX?.. and if so, did you detect much of a difference between the two in terms of ride comfort and handling?

12-05-10, 01:58 PM
RAB - You've definately found the right place to go for all info, including a discussion on the 3.0 calibration upgrade! Keep watching that one for the answer to your question.
As for whether to trade for the SRX, I'd have to echo Ponyman's statements, except that in our household, we didn't have to make the decision you're dealing with because we've got both vehicles in the driveway. I got the '08 CTS DI AWD 3 years ago, and my wife immediately suggested that maybe she should get one in a different color. Then in March of this year, for the first time ever, my wife watched a car commercial from beginning to end. It was for the SRX, and when it was over, she said "I can see myself driving one of them." Needless to say... she now owns a Platinum Ice SRX. It's very easy to transition between the two, but since I enjoy the performance of the CTS, I prefer my car. The SRX is great for travel, and seats the driver higher (my wife loves that). We'll see how it handles winter snow soon! Yes, the performace isn't like the 304HP under the hood of my car, but the 3.0 is plenty adequate, and gets decent mileage. Is resale value a concern? I know the CTS is good. It might be too soon to know how the 2nd gen SRX will fare.
All in all, it sounds like you need some time in a SRX like ponyman suggested to make your decision. Maybe you could rent one for a week?
Bottom line: both are great, for different reasons. Good luck!

12-05-10, 03:20 PM
You selling or trading in your CTS then RAB?
You have some pics of it?

12-05-10, 03:43 PM
cts4ever, thanks for that. I've been visiting the Cadillac forums for about 3 1/2 years now, and it's a great place for info on the various Cadillac models and to be of assistance to others.
Here's one for you ;) ... you and your wife are in the enviable position of having both vehicles that I like (a 2008 CTS DI and a 2010 SRX).
My wife and I don't need or want two vehicles, preferring to have just one vehicle only parked in our 2-car capacity garage. It works well for us.
If you and your wife had to have just one vehicle between you.. if you had to decide between the two vehicles you currently own.. which vehicle would win? Would the greater performance and no-nonsense cool looks of the sporty/classy CTS win-over the greater utility/swiss knife nature of the good looking 'be-all' luxury SRX CUV? That's a tough one, isn't it? Throw in some rough, bumpy roads in & around town (more & more the norm these days), with both cars having to deal with that and their getting dirty in sloppy wintry weather (and perhaps staying that way for days on end), and the more utilitarian SRX begins to look like the vehicle that maybe makes more sense.
So... how would you decide?! It's difficult, isn't it? (That's why I decided to create this thread, to hear from others in order to help me decide!).
One of the reasons I'm leaning toward a luxury compact/midsize CUV these days (rather than our really nice CTS) is that we plan to do a lot more long-distance travelling in 2011 & beyond, and the SRX would probably be the vehicle better suited to that sort of thing.. especially the way we pack for a trip!

12-05-10, 04:08 PM
We didn't try any other configuration than the 3.0 FWD. We originally were looking at a Performance model, but found a dealer that sold us our Premium model cheaper than others were wanting for the Performance, so we bought it. Ours does not have the rear entertainment center. That was an option that would have been a deal killer, so it was fortunate the car didn't have it. I can see how the rear entertainment would be nice for folks with young kids, but ours are long gone. We did drive a loaner Luxury model with the 18" wheels when ours was in the shop for the chrome strip replacement. They let us have it to go to the local mall for a few hours till our car was ready. It seemed to ride a little softer than ours with the 20" wheels.

12-05-10, 04:19 PM
You selling or trading in your CTS then RAB?
You have some pics of it?

Hello Captain - Yes, my CTS is presently being offered up for sale, to gauge interest level and see what sort of offers I might get.

My car is presently listed on Kijiji Toronto (GTA), rendering more potential views I would imagine than would Kijiji London.
Here's the link to my ad:

For the info of US forum members, my asking price is no doubt viewed as high by folks south of the border, but keep in mind we generally pay more for new vehicles up here - 15% to 20% more than the same brand/model, identically-equipped vehicles sold in the US - so used car prices also tend to be generally higher here.

Here's a link to the page in the Cadillac forum where photos of my '09 CTS reside. My photos begin about 2/3rds of the way down on the page:

12-05-10, 05:21 PM
i don't think that the 2012 SRX specs have been revealed yet... if it is going to get a V8 then i'd be happily surprised

12-05-10, 05:32 PM
Hey there Chris.
While the 2012 SRX specs haven't yet been revealed/released (by GM), automobile.com has a done a "preview" of the 2012 vehicle equipped with a new 320 HP / 315 lb-ft of torque 4.6L 32-valve V-8 engine. Here's the link:
Here's hoping it's the real thing.

12-05-10, 05:45 PM
yeah, that's the only thing i could find.. i wonder if they've got some insider info or if they're going on a rumor, or what?

they do seem like a reputable source, but i'd like to hear it from at least another source before getting too excited

and that engine mentioned sounds a lot like a northstar (and aren't those going bye-bye?) so that kind of made me think they were going off some bad info (or just made it up)

12-05-10, 08:02 PM
Chris, I didn't really want to convert this thread into a discussion of the future higher HP / higher torque engine that is to be optionally available in the SRX (reportedly sometime during the 2012 model year)... but in response to your post, note that it's been mentioned in several web articles that the current 2.8L turbo engine has a very limited/finite existence going forward due to it's inability to comply with upcoming emission regulations. Upcoming fuel economy standards may also factor into the equation. As such, the 2.8L turbo engine looks to have only 12-18 months of life remaining as a viable engine that can be utilized in new vehicle production.
So.. what's the General to do for an optional higher HP/torque engine for the SRX? If an appropriate high feature V6 isn't available or suitable for the application, then what??
Well.. in addition to the article link I posted above.. I've discovered that GM has been spending money (as in $890 million) developing next generation small block V8s. The Northstar may be 'out', but next generation small block V8s featuring direct injection, advanced combustion system design and E85 compatibility are soon to be 'in'.
Check out the info that's mentioned on this webpage (it includes an option to view a GM press release):
I would guess that this next generation high feature V8 will be the standard powerplant (or optionally available) in the upcoming 2013 Cadillac XTS luxury sedan. Start of XTS production is slated for December 2011. It follows that the same or very similar model V8 engine will be optionally available in the 2012 SRX around the same time.

12-06-10, 10:55 AM

12-06-10, 01:37 PM
My money is on an existing 3.6 liter variant like the HF LLT V6 (Camaro) that either will be a jacked but still a naturally aspirated version....or will be turbo'd or supercharged 3.6L. In any event, probably the former since the latter carries additional cost and a correspondingly higher sticker price.

Why do I say that? Because to me the naturally aspirated and proven 4.0L with the existing 320hp/315lb.ft torque makes more sense, perhaps with a cylinder reduction technology to jack the fuel economy, despite the added weight of the motor and the gas consumed firing 8 cylinders versus 6. At some point there is no substitution for cubic inches (displacement) on the power side of the discussion. And if Caddy wants to grab some market share from the competition in their class and market, they will need to keep pace on the power side of things. That's my opinion. albeit an ignorant one.

And will someone please explain to me how the second generation SRX (downsized over the first generation and without a third row seat or spare tire) comes out about at the same weight?


12-06-10, 08:47 PM
I leased the 2008 CTS before going with the 2010 SRX.

In some ways I do miss my CTS. It was a more personal
vehicle. The SRX is just too much vehicle for one person.

Don't get me wrong. I love the SRX. I love being higher
up on the road. I love reaching down to the ATM machine
rather than reaching up. I love the backup camera. I love
the added storage room. Thought I would love the video
monitors in the rear seats but none of my friends use them.

I'm not particularly happy with the SRX acceleration. It is
really clunky. The car almost jerks when you try and
accelerate fast. Putting it in SPORTS MODE is a must when
taking off at the light. It doesn't have the power or smooth
acceleration of the CTS. That's what I miss the most.

Not sure where I will go when my 3-year lease is up on
this vehicle. I may go back to a CTS. I may see what
sort of improvements are made on the SRX power without
having to break the bank by going with a Turbo model.

12-06-10, 09:50 PM
NJ, thanks - I appreciate your honest viewpoint.
I think it's interesting that, while the CTS and SRX represent 2 vastly different vehicles designed & engineered for different 'missions', both models appeal to us. I suppose the common denominators for the 2 vehicles are Cadillac luxury, style, & comfort. Those attributes probably represent the majority reasons for why buyers of Cadillac buy a Cadillac. In other words, one doesn't buy a Cadillac necessarily for its 'performance' capabilities.
Having said that.. a little dose of performance certainly helps sometimes!

12-07-10, 07:02 PM
RAB, you had to ask the hard question didn't you! Thankfully it's not a decision we need to make. But if we lived above the lower 48 like you, that would have a HUGE affect on our decision. I love my CTS, and hate to have to drive it in the winter. It's black, and I keep it emaculate. But in the winter, the snow, the ice, the CTS' low front end, and the salt these ($#^&(*^$# pour on the roads... I wish I could get a ride to work! Given that you must deal with that and more, we would definately go with the SRX. As fo the great looks of the CTS, that's true, but wouldn't you agree that the SRX is every bit as good looking... no, BETTER looking than any other crossover on the road?!?! We've already driven our SRX the 1500 miles to Florida for a cruise (you know how much lugggage the wife is going to pack for that, don't you!) and were very comfortable for the whole trip. The seats and the "view" are great, and the mileage was just under 28mpg. We've taken similar trips in the CTS and the FE2 suspension does wear on you after such a drive. So. when you start shopping, get her in Platinum Ice, (the best color on the car) and install the factory mud shields right after you pick her up!! Wash her AT LEAST once a week, and detail her once a month! Happy motoring!