: Help for a Cadillac Coupe De Ville of 1965

09-21-04, 02:08 PM
I bought a Cadillac Coupe De Ville of 1965.
Now to register it here in Italy I need all its technical data!
Is there an internet site or a book or someone that can tell me this technical data, please?

The car is the model 68357.

Thanks a lot in advance!

09-21-04, 02:19 PM
If you track down DaveSmed, he should be able to give you information.

09-21-04, 03:09 PM
Thanks a lot! Now I try to find DaveSmed...

09-21-04, 11:11 PM
What Technical Data would you be looking for? You can try here: http://home.wanadoo.nl/shaul/cf/cf65/index.htm that site may have what you need.

09-22-04, 08:09 AM
Thanks a lot DAVESMED!
The site that you have told me has a good material, but not all.
I need the specifications: max speed, gear type and ratio, measurements of lenght, volume..., weight, cubid capacity, HP power, transmission, tires type, etc. ...

Thank you very much at all for the kindness!

09-22-04, 11:25 PM
Max Speed: Not sure on this one, anyone know whats redline on a 429? also need to know gearing.
Gear type: Do you have air conditioning? 3.21:1 if you do. If not, the 3.21 is optional, and the 2.97 is std. Controlled differental is optional.
Legnth: 224 inches
Wheelbase: 129.5 inches
Weight: 4480 lbs
Engine displacement: 429 cid
HP (gross): 340
Torque: 480 ft-lbs
Compression: 10.5:1 (use good gas)
Transmission: 3 spd automatic, model TH400
Tires: there probably not the original tires (i hope not) so you will have to read the sidewalls

09-23-04, 03:41 AM
DaveSmed, thank you very much!
The tires are original, I'm sure :rolleyes2 but for them there's no problem: I have already their code.

But, only for security, if you know, is there a book with all technical data of Cadillacs, so, if in the future I need again these specifications I can read them on book?