: Rpo code sll

12-03-10, 09:30 AM
I know it says it means sold order, does this mean that my car was a special order by the original owner?

12-03-10, 04:17 PM
I have SLM - Stock Orders. Your guess seems reasonable to me.

12-04-10, 01:04 AM

Option code 'SLL' is the RPO code for a vehicle that was specially ordered by the original owner. The original owner chose the interior and exterior color as well as the specific options on the vehicle. Your guess is correct.

Option code 'SLM' is the RPO code for a vehicle that was ordered by the dealer with the options and colors that it has on it. Most vehicles have option 'SLM', as the dealers have to have vehicles to sell on their lots at all times.


12-04-10, 05:03 PM
I did notice on compnine that there were only 777 SLL sold orders and they said my car was a rarity. but then again every car vin I put into compnine says its a rarity

12-04-10, 05:25 PM
compnine information for your car is how many cars are like yours coming from the specific factory it was built at. so like you said, every car shows as a rarity