View Full Version : Passkey problems and Computer codes

09-21-04, 12:26 PM
I have a 94 concours and I've recently been having problems with the Passkey II system. Now I figure its probably a key problem and I'll get a new key to see if its that. But my question is. Will I see any computer codes in relation to this?

I'm getting an I052 error and a P056. Now I know the P056 probably has nothing to do with the passkey system as its the transmission input speed sensor. But is the I052 just a byproduct of the car shutting off power to the ISC? IF not then what could this be a symptom of? I had the alternator replaced less then 10k ago. I'd be afraid if it was going bad this early.

Also I was always getting a P039 and when I check the computer I didn't see the 39. Just a P056 HISTORY. Whats going on with my transmission?

I appreciate the help. You all rock