: HELP - European Certificate of Conformance - registering a Cadillac BLS in France

11-30-10, 03:36 PM
Help! Has anyone tried registering a Cadillac in France? I've recently moved to live here and in order to register my car i need a Certificate of Conformance. I've finally tracked down a place in the Netherlands that can issue one to me for a charge 160euros. This seems exorbitant for what is just a piece of paper. Can anyone advise me on this matter. I've been very satisfied with Cadillacs up until now but i fear after this episode that I'll not be buying them again.

Anyone able to comment/help?


11-30-10, 04:59 PM
Hi,have you contacted GM customer assistance centre in Sweden.

Tel 800 86 80 88 00

Fax 46 8 680 88 30


12-01-10, 12:57 AM

doesn't this paper have to delivered with the car?

I have one but there is my VIN on it. I had it also for the previos car (BMW).
This is required by / from the EU (i think).

Maybe your dealer still has it and it was forgotten?


12-01-10, 01:36 PM
They were supplied new when you bought a car new from Stratstones in the UK, And yes you may have to pay that high price for a new. But why would you not buy a Cadillac again? Seems a strange thing to say every car you take to frnace would have to havethe same thing done! It's not Cadillac's fault you don't have one, I take it you never bought the car new otherwise you would have it from Stratstones. Seems odd to blaim Cadillac. Just pay the money and stop moaning.

12-03-10, 11:42 AM
Thank you vetguru.
FYI The COC is not required to register a car in the UK - it's a different system. I didn't buy the car new from Stratstones. Also, I had no trouble getting a COC for my Hondas in France for free. I guess those are the the reasons I feel like 'moaning' about the disappointing Cadillac European customer service.
Happy days!