: Maine made the news...

09-21-04, 12:47 AM
No, I don't believe it either.

It was, however, a bittersweet moment when I realized that it was a story dealing with potato again.

On the market next summer in New England.... Maine Potato Vodka. They are targeting the "super-premium" market to compete with Grey Goose, Chopin, Ciroc, Vox, etc... we'll see what happens.


09-21-04, 01:28 AM
Yeah, well my home town here in Idaho(of 22,000 people) got on CNN for that topless car wash thing we had here. :thumbsup:

we got such better potatoes than Maine :shhh: :p

09-21-04, 07:39 AM
dnag, i would have gone to that car wash :D

09-21-04, 10:28 PM
The sad part was I rode by it and didnt notice, I was lookin the other way :crying:. They were not super models or anything.

09-22-04, 07:50 AM
supermodels or not, a topless car wash doesn't come around too often

09-23-04, 01:55 PM
Maine made the news down here, too.