View Full Version : HVAC, Air Ride, and Speedo Question

11-28-10, 12:01 AM
Hello fellow ESV owners, I have a few issues with my '03 ESV.

First, I replaced my Air Ride compressor with a new unit from Arnott Ind. and the compressor is working but I am not totally sure it is leveling correctly when I tow. It comes own when the vehicle starts and shuts off shortly after but uder heavy loading it doesn't level out.
Second, my driver side A/C was going hot and would only cool off if you shut the vehicle off and restatred. Based o info I foud here on the site I replaced the control module for the driver side ad it seemed to be working fine but a few weeks later same issue, a/c will go hot on driver side only. Replaced old part with OEM peice from Flow GM online parts.
Third, my truck has a 125k miles on it today the speedo was buried past 120 mph. After driving fir a few miles it started coming back down, currently resting on 80 mph.
Fourth and final issue I hope lol, my thermometer on the rear view mirror is reading about 15-20 degress above ormal, replaced the ambient temp sensor near the radiator with a gm peice and I still have the same problem. Any suggestions guys?
BTW, I towed my drag car across country (total weight 13500 lbs) and got 12.8 mpg.