: 1997 Cadillac STS HELP!!!!!!!!

11-27-10, 07:46 PM

I know I probably shouldn't be posting this year of Cadillac here but I need some help. My brother passed away in 2007, and with his passing I came into possession of a Cadillac STS Northstar V8. The car has been in storage for 3 years, off the ground under a car cover. We pulled it out recently because the people living there moved away, but my issue is that when we pulled the car out something happened. We ran the car earlier in the year with not one issue, but this time it doesn't hold a charge. I understand that chances are that its the altinator, but if it isn't that what else could it be?? (what wire could be chewed) Also the front right passenger window and rear driver side window wont open anymore. Any idea's?? Any help would be much appriciated. My brother absolutely loved this car with all his heart, and I couldn't stand to loose it, but if I can't fix it thats what must happen.

11-29-10, 12:37 PM
Sorry.To help serve you better please go to the Seville forums, this one is for the 05-11 STS only. I think you wilL find your answers there.

11-29-10, 01:01 PM
On the other hand... your brother probably loved you more than he loved the car. Do you think he would want you to be miserable over it? ....... Just food for thought.