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11-27-10, 02:29 PM
I was recently told that with closed coolant systems like the one on my 94 Fleetwwod needed to be burped. I am not getting heat after work was done on my car by a mechanic that is good but he hasn't heard of this buring and he dosn't know how to do it. It getting very cold up here by the great lakes and I need some HEAT. Water pump and thermostate are new. I'm not trying to replace the heater core if I don't have to. What is the correct proceeder to burp this car. Can someone HELP?

11-27-10, 03:01 PM
Your problem may be the heater core, fluch the radiator core and you should be good. You can search the forum for how-to's as a few of us just did ours. There may be a coolant bleeder valve close to your thermastat.

11-27-10, 05:49 PM
It helps to bleed the cooling system if you park the car so that the nose is up. Put some rugs on the water pump to protect the optispark from coolant dripping from the bleeder valve (the little brass screw on the thermostat housing).

11-27-10, 07:59 PM
HEATER CORE AS SAID ABOVE!!! flush that bitch!

11-28-10, 02:53 AM
Do you know the correct proceeder to flush the heater core? Please help

11-28-10, 02:57 AM
What is the proceeder for doing this? Does car need to be running while doing this or should it be a cold system or do I heat let car idil for a while until motor get hot then turn it off and do this? I don't know how, please help.

11-28-10, 02:59 AM
how exactly do I flush it? I don't know and need help

11-28-10, 03:03 AM
also check your heater restrictor valve and T. know to get clogged

11-28-10, 02:42 PM

11-28-10, 02:44 PM
I posted some pics from last time I flushed mine not long ago...but here's how to do it.

Find the two lines going into the firewall. Should be on the passenger side.

Disconnect them and run water through them both until the water is clear.

That's basically it...find my pics for more info

Edit: thefleetwoodguy posted the link to my pics above this :)

11-30-10, 12:35 AM
If you want to make it real easy, just put some compressed air through the heater core. Disconnect the two lines(one in and one out) running to the heater core up on the firewall, on the passenger side. Blow both ends out with the air hose, make sure you have a rag to catch all the goop and to keep it from flying everywhere.

I'm betting that you had the coolant changed and that some crud that was in it when he flushed it got clogged up in the heater core.