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11-27-10, 02:24 PM
Look Kdcing, I am trying to possibly give him business and he doesn't even answer the question as to where to get good service with his parts - what part of this are you missing?
If you don't get it then you can't read. No I am just stating the facts, he doesn't need you to be his cheerleading squad.
Don't associate me with this other guy.


Finally, you are correct on 1 subject....that is, Jake does not need my fatass to be his cheerleader. 100's of successfully repaired Northstar engines, a good product and his passion for his business/hobby will do more for his business than I ever could.

What you need to do is to keep on subject. If you needed to know of repair shops in your area in your 1st post, why did you go and attack by stating the following? (the following are your words, not mine):

"...Or just bad mouth the one place that owes you some money?"
"I'm tired of hearing about how great your system is....."
"This thread sounds like an advertisement for you..."

...and then you accuse him of "misreading or reading into things" when he defends himself and his business.

Btw, I applaud you for not wanting to be associated with Loosheads. To avoid being associated with him in the future, do not jump on threads that he is the primary agitator on.

11-28-10, 11:53 AM
I am not even going to bother to read your entire post, because I have no interest in being associated with you either, and you are continuing to be his cheerleader.
I have been on discussion groups for many, many years - I don't need your advice as to which threads to post on.
I simply want to fix our car, OK so if you have nothing to contribute to that butt out!