: Deville parts for Fleetwood

11-27-10, 01:13 AM
I'm looking to replace the center front and rear armrest/cup holders. I see alot of Fleetwoods with different armrest, not the standard armrest. For some reason, I don't like the two part armrest. The full armrest looks better and my Red Bull are not secure enough in the standard cup holders, lol. Can anymore point me in the right direction.

11-28-10, 05:12 PM
Come on Fellas, I know somebody knows where to get these armrest from. Okay just give me one lead and I'll be okay.

11-28-10, 05:22 PM
I dunno. My Fleetwood has an armrest exactly like the ones in my Devilles, though a bit bigger. Flip-out cup-holders. The flip-out cup-holders will not secure small Red Bull can. Actually, I wish they were "real" cup holders so I could put my Blackberry and iPod in them. Both those items just fall through the flip-out cup holders.

11-28-10, 07:22 PM
So your trying to put an armrest from a fwd deville into your rwd? Or swap rwd ones?

11-28-10, 10:24 PM
I would prefer the one that Jimmy has for the front and rear. From what I'm seeing, there are two different types: a 1-part console and a 2-part. The picture at the top that says Deville is the one I'm searching for. Thanks for the replies Gents.

11-28-10, 10:42 PM
I'm not sure that many people here have switched them around. You may be on your own on this one. Maybe someone over at layitlow in the upolstery section will know.

11-29-10, 06:08 PM
You want a 95/6 Roadmaster armrest. It has the single top piece with the fold out plastic cup holders. Some of the 90-92 Cads had them, too. I have all three kinds in my collection. LMK if you need pics.

11-29-10, 09:51 PM
Yes Sir, post some pictures and let me know if you want to sell one, lol.

11-30-10, 12:28 AM
The armrest on my 1991 Brougham is not as wide as the 93-96 armrest. Also, it had a flip out cupholder, but it broke. It was the same armrest and cup holder design on my 1991 Regal, which also broke.