: Backup Sensor Messed Up

DopeStar 156
11-26-10, 07:10 PM
I noticed tonight my back up sensors on my 05 STS now react as if I'm about to hit something constantly. Whenever the car is put into reverse the LEDs in the back fill up and beep regardless of what's behind the car. Anyone else have this issue?

11-26-10, 07:46 PM
Have you tried cleaning the sensors?

11-26-10, 07:53 PM
clean the dirt and sand out of the sensor rings on the rear bumper.

11-26-10, 08:02 PM
Some times it helps to dry the backup sensors in the rear bumper with a hair dryer. There is a diagnostic test of the backup sensor system outlined in your owner's manual.

DopeStar 156
11-27-10, 09:42 AM
I kinda wiped them with my finger but didn't think dirt would really mess them up like that. They seem to have straightened themselves out when I headed home last night and still work now. The car has been far dirtier than this before and they still worked. I'll have to shoot the hose at the rings I guess, maybe something got into one of them? I'll check out that diagnostic in the owner's manual too. Thanks guys.....