: iPhone 4 Question

11-26-10, 03:16 PM
I'm just a Silly Girl with an 08 Escalade that expected an adapter for such a beautiful vehicle such as mine wouldn't be necessary. Not the case as you all know. So, who makes the best interface for my iPhone 4, and what features will I lose? My truck is a factory executive demo, so it has every feature and aftermarket item GM sold installed on it. Will my back up camera, nav system, DVD players all still work? And, will I be able to control everything through my steering wheel?

Peripheral PXAMG is this the best???

Thank you all in advance for your help!!!

11-26-10, 04:14 PM
Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes. I've been using the Pac Audio iPod module since I bought my 08 Escalade. Just bought a newer version to work with my iPhone 4 and Touch

11-26-10, 08:19 PM
how is navigating playlists and songs with the PAC? i have the isimple and its not great...very confusing to navigate...

11-26-10, 08:29 PM
ok looks like PAC and isimple are the same thing. isimple sucks in my opinion....the menus are next to impossible to navigate thru...and it uses a combination of buttons that makes no sense...is it just me or was mine installed incorrectly?

11-26-10, 11:13 PM
Hmmm not sure... PAC and iSimple are the same... I always use the steering wheel and navigate no problem?

11-26-10, 11:29 PM
really? which button does what? ie how do u find and select a playlist and then how do u scroll thru it?

04-02-11, 10:24 PM
GMX550 is what i have with my iphone 4.. mainly got it so i can watch music videos on the screen.. i got about 250 videos and it only waste 6gb..