: 2007 Front End Noise

11-26-10, 11:52 AM
My wife's 2007 1SE STS is producing some noise from the front-end at low speed. At first we thought it was the front brakes grabbing occasionally. Naturally, it is intermittant.

The OEM warranty is nearly up and she just had her Blizzaks put on so she did ask her dealer did look the car over. A previous inquiry on the same concern produced a response of 'suspect rust on rotor'. Front pads are about 50% worn and there is no pulsing or grating sensation through the brake pedal. They are the standard JL9 brakes.

We drove about 250 miles yesterday and most (if not all) residual corrosion on the rotors should have worn off through normal use. I suppose the pads could be contaminated but the symptom did repeat at the end of our trip. (She hasn't been driving as much recently.)

With the front wheels straight, there is no noise when compressing the front suspension at rest. I think it happens with the wheels sightly turned, so I will be trying the test again later today. I'm now suspecting the tie-rod/ball joint lubrication may be dried out and one or more joints are worn. The steering does feel a little odd but my STS is very different since it has AWD, ZF Steering and JE5 brakes. She did once have work done on the steering column because of noise when adjusting the steering wheel position.

Any ideas?

11-26-10, 12:27 PM
Insist that the dealer fix whatever is wrong. Don't accept a fob off like "rust on the rotors" which is pure nonsense!

11-27-10, 06:15 PM
The car goes to the dealer Monday.

11-29-10, 01:51 PM
We spent 15 miutes with the service writer and couldn't reproduce the problem. They did another inspection and found no evidence of a sticky caliper or suspension issues. Rat's! I'm thinking of trying a different dealer.

Anyway, we got the issue on record so I'm not worried.

12-04-10, 12:51 PM
Best way to make sure it is not your brakes, leave the wife at home so she doesn't panic, warm the baby up on your drive to your nearest "quiet" road with no other traffic, 0-60mph down to 20mph softly, up to 60mph, down to 20mph a little firmer, up 60mph, really quick stop down to 60mph, then coast for 5 minutes without sitting on your brake pedal at a light to cool them down, do again once more. That will bed in your pads again but also create enough heat and force to spit any crap off the rotor/pads including rocks (cause lots of noises in the winter)

12-04-10, 04:46 PM
EChas3...have them check the bushing on the upper and lower control arm bushings as well