: No Bucket Seats in Hybrid???

Andy Myers
11-26-10, 03:25 AM
I want to see if anyone knows if this is true.

I just picked up my 4th Escalade. (My history.. First white diamond bought new in 2006, traded for new in 2008 for a black when wife decided she liked new styling, traded in 2010 for white diamond ESV RWD for our move to Florida and just this week back to a Black 20114WD Hybrid).

We are in Ohio and had to travel to Tennessee to trade our RWD because dealers up here were offering $10k (nobody wants RWD in Ohio, and neither did we which is way we were trading again so soon). When we arrive after a 5 hour drive (having put together the deal over the prior 2 weeks on the phone and via email) we find that it has a second row bench seat. The sales lady says hybrids dont have second row bucket seats because of the battery being below the seats.

So anyway I want to see if its true, and also does anyone have any advise for approaching the dealer to possibly get a different trim. Its been 3 days and we have almost 300 miles on the new car because of the drive home.

Online under the Hybrid section Cadillac indicates second row bucket seats are an option.

We brought it home and tried to make it work but with 4 young kids (a baby, a couple booster seats and a 9 year old) it is total chaos!

11-28-10, 11:52 AM
Couple of months back Gm had a deal where you had a 60 satisafaction with car and if not you could return or exchange it or something like that. You could like 500 off if you opted out of this program. I don't know if it's still around. But as for your bench bucket deal I thought they made some differences to hold the batteries so the buckets weren't available in the hybrid. But my info is flimsy at best I don't remember where I heard/saw that. Give the dealer a call and go from there, good luck !

11-30-10, 01:29 AM
that is correct, the captain's chair/bucket is not an option in any of the hybrid trim regular or platinum because of the battery.