: Aftermarket Tune ... Warranty Void

11-26-10, 12:51 AM
Hey all, need some input please...

I have a tune from a shop not one of the programmers like diablo. I recently had a check engine light come on and it says its the Throttle Pressure Sensor. I will goto the dealer and correct this. I know this isnt an issue where the dealer will check for a tune but I wanted to be safe and cover my grounds. Recently the shop that tuned my truck closed down so dont have a way to speak to the guy that did it. A friend of a friend claims he has some GM tools because he fixes Con Edison trucks and can flash me back to stock. I dont know if I should believe that. Also another friend has an escalade so my question is are stock files all VIN specific? Like can I take my friends stock file and copy it then install it on my truck if I had someone that had the software for this?

Thanks in advance...

I know if I told the dealer some bs story about not knowing the guy did this and please put me back to stock they will laugh and void my warranty... (Yes I knew he did it but I meant it so they can just let it slide... )