: Lug nuts broken ..... dealer didnt want to cover under warranty !!!???

11-26-10, 12:14 AM
Hi guys,

I have something hapenning to me right now, i had my wheels taken off for the winter on my 2008 escalade mileage is 57 000 KM ( i am in canada ) and warranty is valid till 80 000km or november 2011. When my mechanician ( not a gm dealer ) start to unscrew the lug nuts on my rear wheel driver side, 1 of the studs felt. I was like wow whats happening here, but 15 minutes later on the other side always in the rear wheel, 2 studs did the same thing. The weels where not tighten too hard ( max 140 pound like its described in the car description ). I immediatly call onstar to have the road assist and make the car towed to the GM dealer to have this fix under the warranty. When i call to have an updtade about when its gonna be done they told me they need to order the pieces and they think it will not be cover because its road hazard or normal use !!!??? Normal use ??? I mean its the same thing than telling me you will not change a defect shock under warranty or drivetrain problem .... for me its a no sense how can those studs broke its not normal on a 80k truck.

I would like to know what you guys think about that and what you suggest me to do ? i was thinking calling directly GM canada customer service if they still dont want to cover the job .... but let me know whats the best to do.

Really sorry about my english i am a french canadian and i try to do my best i sincerely appologise for this language torture :p

11-26-10, 11:41 AM
It sucks that they don't wanna do this under warranty, but I have replace those before on my previous Escalade. I think I got the studs at advanced auto parts for like 5 bucks each. They are not hard to change, but the guy who they broke on should have no problem taking 15 minutes to fix it...

11-26-10, 01:05 PM
is it possible to find another dealer and ask them.. Make sure it is a caddy only dealer.. sometimes when you deal with a caddy plus another brand.. they treat you like someone who didnt spend top GM dollar..

11-26-10, 03:27 PM
are you really causing yourself this much hassle over wheel studs?

they take literally 1 minute to change (beat the old one out, then torque the new one in with someone on the brake for you and using some big washers as spacers (dont use the wheel as the spacer, lol).


wheel studs break, but 3 is unusual, it is almost a certainty that someone over torqued yours at some point (ie, they were all over torqued, and 3 failed).

just amazing that you towed your car from a mechanic to the dealer over this.

11-27-10, 01:27 AM
Thanks guy for your answers, they finally did it under warranty after a lot of arguing with them !

The point is not the 5$ or 1000$ for me its just that its the principle that my car is covered by a manufacturer warranty that cover almost everything, thats why i didnt want to pay for that, and i am not really a pro in that and i didnt know it was easy like that to change.....

11-27-10, 02:46 AM
There should be no reason a stud breaks especially on a new vehicle like this. Even more especially a Cadillac, have we gotten that disposable with our products? I have driven cars into the ground and never had this problem.

11-27-10, 02:47 PM
It happens. Can happen to any vehicle, happened to me, my buddy with his Lincoln years ago and I'm sure plenty other people. People expect a car which is a ton of different components to never have issues...

11-27-10, 05:51 PM
i understand that it can happen, the point is that i am covered they are not supposed to tell me that i am gonna pay for those repairs.

Its not like i went offroad with my escalade and jump speed bumps 45 mp/h i take care of my truck, i wash it 3 times a week, its my baby i dont want him to get things like that happen so i dont drive it stupidly.

I just dont accept when they try to make you pay when you are not supoposed to.... at the end of the warranty ok no problem, but please let the warranty finish ! :)