: Headlights begining to fog

11-24-10, 11:45 AM
Car is a 2006 STS, 5 years old and outside daily. I noticed the top of one headlight was beginning to look like fogging or some kin of rough surface. Waxing didn't help, so I took some very mild rubbing compound on a damp cloth and by hand rubbed the surface out until it was smooth and clear again. This appearance was only on the top of the headlight, on the outside surface, and after the light compounding, was smooth and clear again. Since the headlight unit has a factory applied clear coat, I was careful to only rub by hand, used a light compound, and waxed over when done. Looks like new again. :cool2:

12-18-10, 02:27 PM
It is called oxidation. Check youtube for hundreds of videos how to do what you have done. Also, all car parts stores carry "systems" that allow you to get your headlights as new for $8-$25