: Oil pump and main seal for built Northstar

Will's Fiero
11-23-10, 08:44 PM
I have a built Northstar in my '87 Fiero. I built it in a '93 block (with block drains) and a '93 water manifold, with a '95 top end and a mish-mash of internal parts.

I just got it on the road and I'm shaking it down this week. It has a front main seal leak. The local dealership has the front main seal (and just in case, a front cover gasket) for a '93 Northstar waiting for me. Is there anything special about the main seal/balancer combo? I'm not sure what year crank and balancer I have.

Also, I recall reading something about a recall (groan) for Northstar oil pumps. What was the subject matter of the recall? How do I tell if I have recalled parts in my mish-mash? I think I have a '95 balancer and pump. If I have recalled parts, what should I switch them over to?

More about the engine:
Custom cut CP pistons with 11.5:1 compression and ceramic/moly coatings, Cometic MLS gasket, Total Seal gapless rings and Eagle rods in a fully time-serted (head and main bolt holes) block. I also ported the bay-to-bay breathing windows and optimized the quench clearance. I'm running a Pure Power screw on oil filter and I have a marine oil/water heat exchanger and accusump on the shelf.

The engine is in an '87 Fiero with a Getrag 282 five speed. Since I'm just shaking down the new engine, I have no idea how fast it runs, but the stock '95 engine I used to have in the car ran 12.86 at 106.
I think if I can drive it right, it might be capable of a 12.2 at 110 with the new engine, better clutch and better struts (reduce wheel hop).

Since I may take the front cover back off, I just wanted to make sure I had all the bases covered.


11-29-10, 04:08 PM
I had a front cover leak once when I changed the balancer to a newer one in my Fiero.
I installed a 2000+ Balancer on my 1999 engine

I think they had 3 different Seals for 3 differnt Front Cover, Seal, and balancer combos

Lets see
#1 Rubber type seal
#2 Teflon type seal? The hard plastic type seal
#3 Larger Balancer Hub OD