: 95 fleetwood codes

11-23-10, 08:35 PM
New to this forum. I have a 95 fleetwood that I just replaced the motor in. It runs really crappy so I ran the codes & got a 00-43 (knock sensors) & a 00-48 (MAF sensor). I replaced the MAF sensor, but it still runs crappy. Can anyone tell me what is generally the problem with these codes & how to fix them?


11-24-10, 01:39 AM
Did the motor come out of a Cadillac?

11-24-10, 10:10 AM
no it came out of a Buick Roadmaster, but is the LT1 engine.

11-26-10, 03:12 PM
Is there nobody that ever dealt with a code 48 before? Can anybody help me?

11-26-10, 04:04 PM
0043 indicates that the computer is receiving a Knock signal, so maybe your new engine is knocking.

0048 indicates that the computer is not receiving a MAF signal, so maybe the vacuum line to the sensor is disconnected or the wire running to the computer is open in the harness.

11-26-10, 06:39 PM
out of gas but couldnt tell cause dash panel is black.

11-27-10, 01:45 AM
The knock sensor drove me crazy when I swapped my motor, I just left it unplugged but my motor wasnt FI. Have you tried running without the knock sensors plugged up? Check the part number for the knock sensor of a Road Master versus a knock sensor for a Brougham and see if they are the same.