: Anyone ever put on glasspacks on a N*, or heard waht it sounds like?

09-20-04, 06:16 PM
I've been toying with the idea of putting a couple of glass packs in the stock location of the ome mufflers on my 95 Deville N*... I am just afraid it will sound to ratty.. Anyone ever done it or heard a N* with them on.. If i do do it, I plan on leaving the resonator in place..

Thanks for any and all input...

09-20-04, 07:15 PM
Yes. Sounds like any other generic musclecar with glasspacks...

Bill Strong
09-23-04, 09:31 AM

the above video is my Northstar powered Toyota MR2. It is using a Hooker muffler designed for a late model Camaro. No cat converter. No emissions. Engine using aftermarket ECU - Electromotive TEC3 and Transmission Control Computer.

Bill Strong
Northstar Powered Toyota MR2

09-23-04, 05:48 PM
Thank you.. Sounds nice on your car, but thats not the sound im going for in a deville.. I can only imagine how much louder the glasspacks would be..