: Dead battery part two...

11-23-10, 03:18 PM
I had a dead battery previously out of the blue for unknown reasons. I then took it to the dealership who replaced the battery. They stated at the time that some of the cars were manufactured with a bad part and was caught before leaving the plant. As such, the cars were held at the plant until a replacement part could be installed. This long wait duration caused many of the batteries to drain completely and fail to hold a charge.

This morning, I went to remote start the car for work and no lights flashed. I thought "odd" as I was running late for a meeting. It was 26 degrees out, so i was really wanting to warm it up.

I went out to the car, manually unlocked the door and entered. The door unlock button wouldn't work for the rest of the doors. The engine light was lit up for a few seconds in orange.

I store the jumper cables in the compartment under the cargo area. I realized that I couldn't open the tailgate because the batter was dead. I had to then put down the back seats to access the rear area. Because the front seats were pushed so far back, I couldn't get the rear seats all the way down without removing the head rests.

Finally I got the jumper cables, got a neighbor to jump it, and drove to my meeting. After the meeting, car started flawlessly. It is parked in the garage at work right now.

Yesterday, I drove it, and over the weekend we took a 200 mile road trip. The battery should have been well charged. No switches were left on other than the rear wiper which I don't think should have drained the battery.


11-24-10, 11:18 AM
Very odd