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11-23-10, 11:49 AM
Hopefully someone on here can/will answer my question - I'm thinking about getting rid of my '04 CTS and getting an '06/'07 DTS - I'm hoping to get one with navigation. The question I have is: If I get one without navigation can the stock radio be easily replaced?

The reason I ask is because my CTS doesn't have navigation, just the non-Bose stock radio which CANNOT be removed because it also acts as the onboard computer screen and gives all the other read outs involving: (low oil, outside temp, mileage range...etc...) - removing and replacing with something better isn't an option because I'd lose all those informational features. I want to make sure I dont run into that problem again if I bought a DTS without navigation.

If anyone could give me some feedback on this I would really appreciate it and also for anyone with a non-navigation DTS - where does all that information pop up? In my Escalade it pops up on a little read out on the steering column.

383 LT1 SS
11-23-10, 12:59 PM
I do not have first hand experience however I believe there was a past thread on this subject in this forum and if I recall it can be done. Use the search function. The thread should come up.

383 LT1 SS

11-23-10, 01:05 PM
Try to buy a DTS with the Nav radio. It can be added, but you need more than just the radio. You need to buy the GPS antenna, plus you need to make a harness to run a VSS (vehicle speed sensor) wire to the Nav radio. You can't buy this wiring ready made. Most Cadillac dealers don't want anything to do with this upgrade. A Cadillac dealer will also have to "flash" the new Nav radio to work in the car, program the Onstar and XM to work, clear any theft codes etc.

So do yourself a favor and try to buy a DTS with the Nav radio in it already.

11-23-10, 01:15 PM
I'm betting that you can. Try calling Crutchfield. They are aftermarket radio specialists and they've always been pretty helpful over the phone. Tell them that you are thinking of getting a non-nav DTS and want to add an aftermarket radio. If it's not a simple, un-plug old one, plug in new one, they'll likely have some kind of adapter wiring harness that will make it work.

Good luck,

11-23-10, 02:58 PM
Oh yeah, I forgot all about hitting up Cruthfield...LOL

So how about the computer read outs that I mentioned earlier - where do those show up in the DTS?

383 LT1 SS
11-23-10, 03:43 PM
Those read outs appear above the steering column not on the NAV screen. As others have mentioned it would probably be best to locate a car that already has factory NAV. They are out there. Just take your time when looking and make sure you test drive several. It took me 5 months to find mine but it was worth it. I picked up a mint 07 DTS performance edition with every available factory option.

383 LT1 SS

11-23-10, 05:14 PM
Thanks to everyone that replied - Crutchfield confirmed the info I was looking for and it looks like the stock deck can be replaced like my Escalade but unlike my CTS (which has got to be one of the worst design flaws in my opinion - who makes a super lame stock radio that can't really be replaced????).

I absolutely agree with you 383 - I did the same thing when I bought my Escalade - I looked for almost a year before buying one.

As for buying a DTS - I'm not so much concerned about navigation as long as I can find one with everything else I'm looking for since I now know the radio can be replaced for a relatively cheap price vs. trying to install a sunroof or a wood grain steering wheel package that are must haves for any Cadillac.