: Road Side To The Rescue!

11-23-10, 10:47 AM
Just finishing my lunch yesterday, enjoying the free ('till 12/1 apparently) XM stations on the car, and decided after much internal arguing with myself to return to work once again. Hit the Start button and greeted with a big fat nothing. Over the next few minutes I was greeted by all the usual messages on the DIC - Shift to Park, no FOB detected, etc. And a new one... something about car disabled, theft issue???

Gotta be a dead battery.

I'm a cheapskate so I don't have OnStar coverage. I called Cadillace Roadside Assistance since that service is still active due (I think) to my CPO coverage. Thankfully the weather was tolerable, and for the price of sitting in my dead car for over an hour I received one COMPLETELY FREE replacement GM battery, delivered and installed by a guy from a local dealership. No questions asked, no fuss (other than the wait), and he took away the dead battery.

4.5 year old car, original battery, replaced for free. Sweet.

11-23-10, 04:19 PM
Thats great! How many miles do you have left on the COP?

12-02-10, 03:46 PM
~30K left, so just over a year with my current usage rate.