: 96 fleetwood. blower motor not kicking on. wheres the relays/fuses??

sinatra caddy
11-22-10, 10:42 PM
hey guys. i turn the heat on and it gets hot, air and it gets cold, but nothing is blowing out. the fan isnt kicking on. i looked under the hood at the fuse block and didnt see a blower motor fuse spot. i check on the side of the dash near the drivers door and no spot there either. where is it??? thank you all!

11-23-10, 04:40 PM
may be the blower motor module (resistor)
fairly common on these cars
its located pass side under the plastic cover(dash bottom)
next to the blower motor, not unusual to see a contact
turn green and break off, the module has two plugs going to it and 3 or 4 7mm screws holding it up into the heater box
and I have good used ones if you need one....Jimhttp://img.photobucket.com/albums/v301/hemijimbo/STA71127-1-1.jpg

sinatra caddy
12-08-10, 09:07 AM
thank you jim! turns out you were spot on absolutley correct! i got a resistor from a friend. took the old one out and sure enough one of the tabs was broken off inside the plug . put the new one in and after fiddiling with the plug so it will stay on i have heat! if the plug becomes a nuissance i will just cut the wire and put a blade on it. thanks again jim and merry christmas sir!!

12-08-10, 12:58 PM
glad we could help!
if you need to replace the plug I
have them as well
and merry christmas to you and yours.....Jim

12-08-10, 02:32 PM
Mine stopped working today....good thing the rear furnace works. Sounds like the resistor is a good bet.

12-09-10, 08:18 AM
Here's a little tip if you're looking for a new blower motor resistor:

Autozone has them for $225.

RockAuto has the Delco part for $94.79 but you have to dig for it. If you click on their "Blower Motor Reisistor" link, you get two options: a Standard for $126.79 and an Airtex/Wells for $143.79. BUT, if you click on "Blower Motor", you get a list of blower motors and at the bottom is a Delco Blower Control Module for $94.79. Appears to be the same part. I'll know in a day or two....

In the meantime, the rear heat in the limo is sufficient to heat the whole car (or my entire house for that matter) but the windshield fogs up and I can't see anything. Of course the module fails on the coldest few days of the year. Unreal. Driving my pick em up truck around today.

12-14-10, 02:38 PM
Well, there was a tab corroded off of my old blower control module, just as thefleetwood guy predicted. (thank you!)

I popped the new module in, but it took some pushing on the connector and wiggling of the wires to get it to work. I guess the contacts are corroded.

A sidebar....when removed the old engine and put it next to the "new" one, my dad stared at them both for a little bit and finally said "The new one doesn't have the acorn option". The car sat a lot and there were A LOT of acorns all over the top of the engine. Well, a bunch of acorns also fell out of the HVAC system when I removed that module. I can hear the fan blowing like mad, but I don't really get a lot of air out of it. I'm going to start another thread because I think my limo setup is different from stock. There's some non-stock looking plumbing there that runs back to the rear of the driver's side seat, on the floor. There's a cheesy looking grate over the plumbing. No air is coming out of there.

sinatra caddy
12-14-10, 04:28 PM
when i put my plug back on the same thing happend. the plastic of the plug was worn away preventing a tight fit. i cut the wire and crimped a blue blade fitting and voila, heat with no intermitent shut off.

03-02-11, 05:13 PM
random question is ther a fix for the wiring melting the the plug at the , orange wire im going to be on my third resistor