: Second Gen CD Chagner

11-22-10, 01:19 PM
So my CD Changer decided a couple days ago to start working only when it feels like it. The other night I noticed it wasn't working so I did a battery pull for an hour, no luck. Then I even went as far as to re-seat the connections on the back of the CD changer and the back of the head unit, still nothing. It acts as if it has no power at all. :hmm:The buttons do not light up with the headlamps and it has no function whatsoever. I've read a couple of threads where the deck didn't work, but the buttons still lit up with the headlamps....indicating a problem with the changer itself, but mine is just dead. :confused:
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

11-25-10, 02:47 PM
Just in case anyone else ever has the same issues....I went head to head with this thing while the turkey was cooking =). Here's what I did...

-First I removed the CD changer completely, turned on the radio, and began to check for current flow on each of the sockets on the connector that connects to the back of the changer. This test was to check and make sure that power was getting to the changer itself. This test passed.

-Next, I checked for continuity within the changer itself by using a multi-meter. I grounded the connection using the pin on the changer side plug that was black on the car-side. Then I began attaching the red lead to individual pins to check for power running through the changer. This test passed.

-Next, I dissembled the changer, I can create a tutorial on this if anyone is interested. It is not terribly difficult, just requires some patience. My main goal was to get the front panel off and test for continuity there. Again I grounded, and checked for power running through the button panel itself. This test passed.

So after exhausting my testing abilities, I've concluded that the issue is with the changer unit itself and is electronic in nature. I've been looking online and it doesn't look like you can buy replacement boards for these changers. I'm going to just order a new unit and see what happens.

BUT some helpful information for anyone looking to replace their changer. There are two types of mounting brackets for these changers, plastic rails like I have and another model which consists of two screws on either side of the unit. The changer itself sits in a metal box, which in turn acts as the mount for the unit. Long story short, if all you can find is the opposite mounting solution that you need, it is possible to take the changer unit out of the mounting box, and place it in your existing mounting box on your broken unit.