: Struts/Shocks replacement 2008 STS

11-22-10, 11:59 AM
dealer told me I needed new front struts/shocks - quoted price of $540 each plus labor. Total job of about $1500. Does this sound correct? Thanks

11-22-10, 12:12 PM
Yes actually sounds like a better price than I got. I replaced one and it was $950.

11-22-10, 12:20 PM

11-22-10, 01:33 PM
A 2008 should still be under warranty unless you have high mileage.

11-22-10, 07:45 PM
The higher price is likely for MRC shocks which are covered under regular and CPO warranties. I don't think regular shocks are covered.

11-22-10, 09:28 PM
Yes I have MRC but didnt not have CPO......I will know next time!

12-02-10, 11:39 AM
what is CPO?

12-02-10, 01:05 PM
CPO Certified Pre-Owned. An extended warranty for CPO cars purchased from dealerships.


12-02-10, 08:59 PM
A popular internet parts site has KYB's for $131 and change. For $540 each I would say farewell to MRC (and I have MRC on my STS)

12-02-10, 08:59 PM
Why do they think the shocks need to be replaced? How many miles are on your car?

12-11-10, 05:10 PM
Why do they think the shocks need to be replaced? How many miles are on your car?

Its likely he is having the electrical part of the shocks that have gone bad...not the actual mechanical part of them
If you have MRC the electrical and mechanical parts of the shocks are one part.....its likely the electrical aspect will go long before the shocks themselves are worn out
and because the repair is 4K..many have used the passive shocks and done and electrical "jump" to fool the car so that the ride control light warning does not come one

Think about it....especially with the older body style...how many people are going to put 4K in the suspension of a car that is worth $3-5K?

and really...having had an Aurora a few years ago with a new set of Monroes all the way around...and having an 02 STS at the same time with MRC......I am not sure where they come up with those prices....MRC is 4 times the price to replace of passive suspensions
Its worth MAYBE 10-15% more in regard to the way it makes the cars drive differently


12-12-10, 01:18 AM
Do shocks always have to be done in pairs? As new as the car is you'd think they could just replace the one thats bad.

12-12-10, 11:25 AM
To my knowledge and experience, yes, they are always done in pairs. But anytime I had a bad shock (s), they were years old. It wouldn't make sense to do anything but change both. As to new shocks..... I don't know how new they would have to be to only replace one.

12-12-10, 07:09 PM
If I was needing just one MRC shock on a tight budget, I'd strongly consider a used one rather than converting to non-OEM. Some auto recyclers will go an extra mile to help. If they know of a parts source, they might find a match. It couldn't hurt to ask.

12-13-10, 05:47 PM
The only issue with that is will the recycled electronic parts have any warranty?

or could you be in the same boat 3 months later

If I would going to unload the car quicky..I would definitely do the recycle thing

If I was going to keep it...honestly I think for car at this value I would do a set of the passive Monroes all the way around......at least 100K miles with no issues from those

I have said this before...but those MRC shocks are very overpriced....well I will say it this way...for the price of replacement the car should out handle the German sedans...and it doesn't even come close. And those cars have cheaper suspensions when they need replacement...especially the BMW
And..the passive shocks offer 90% of what you get with MRC for 25% of the price