: K@N air filter

11-21-10, 11:53 PM
Just wondering if anyone has used the kn direct replacement air filter and did you see any results?

11-22-10, 05:46 AM
I run K&N on all my vehicles (hoping for fuel economy and performance but fairly sure there aren't any) but I do like the idea of not having to buy another paper filter (though you do have some maintenance and expense with the filter-chargers). Some say that the K&N lets in too much microscopic dirt (but unless you live in a very dirty environment I don't think this an issue, in say, an urban setting). JMO, of course.

11-22-10, 09:43 AM
I have used a K&N in my 2008 V6DI STS for about two years. I believe I see a small improvement in mileage - about 1 MPG. I routinely get 27 - 28 on the highway at 75MPH or so. My combined average is about 21.5-22 MPG and thats about 50/50 urban and highway driving. I heard the hit on too much dirt as well as oil fouling the MAF. I've done the white glove test several times and never found any dirt or oil.

11-22-10, 10:06 AM
There's lots of evidence that K&N (or really, Any gauze/oil) filters allow a significant amount of dirt into your engine while, on an otherwise stock engine, offer little or no advantages......

11-22-10, 12:16 PM
I also run K&N in all of my vehicles and will continue to do so. The improvement is minimal but the cost of the filter vs buying cheep paper filters is minimal too. Dont expect 20 more HP and 5 more mpg, but I believe that it does have better performance numbers than a paper filter.

11-22-10, 02:16 PM
It's amazing, after doing some research, it's like nobody in the history of planet earth has been able to test air filters fairly and accurately. WTF. Is this what we get from letting our education system flounder? Heh..

My take on it all is that the performance gains are negligible and the differences in filtration are small, however they may take their toll over the long term. So paper wins. And I guess NAPA will get rich from my foolishness, but for me it's a good deal for peace of mind.

A big factor there is this is my daily driver, I'm not taking it to the track, and the important thing for me is that it lasts. If I want a big HP gain, I'll sell this car and buy a V :]