: Conventional oil first 2 oil changes better then full synthetic after new engine is ?

11-21-10, 11:35 PM
Just wondering if this is ture i was speeking with someone the other day
and i was talking and we talked about how i was having the negine rebuilt due to the cracked block
so basicly i knew i will be ending up with a new engine after all the work is said and doen
he asked me a simple question or what i thout ws simple he asked am i using a full syn or going with a conventional oil i said i was gona go with full syn like i alwasy use
he said never on a brand new enging would he recomend that
i asked why
he said because a full synthetic will be so slick it wont give all the internal compents time to break in it wont give time for the rods or bearings to get lubed or anyting
not like a conventional oil would
so he said when ever he rebuild an engine he uses a conventional oil for atleast the first 2 oil changes

does this really have any trueness to it ?
or is it just another apinion on what to do ?

johnny kannapo
11-29-10, 01:04 PM
Do as the rebuilder suggests, He is responsible for the warranty.