: Rainsense issue

11-21-10, 08:45 PM
My car will not activate the rainsense feature no matter what level of the 5 it is in...I took the hose out and doused the window in each level but nothing...The wipers did start to work when I touched the black box covering the sensor...I took of the box and when i touched it, it would trigger the wipers..

This is an 07 used Escalade...Bought it 4 months ago and it only started raining recently so dealing with it now...I did find out however that if I unplugged the sensor then the wipers work in a 5 step intermittent fashion like traditional cars do...Thinking I may just leave them this way if the fix is too expensive....Does this mess with the electical system to leave unplugged?

11-21-10, 08:57 PM
I don't think the 07 has rainsesense?

11-21-10, 09:29 PM
07 does have rain sense. I had the same problem and I replaced the sensor on the winshield. Not sure of the price of it because it was under warranty at the time, but I could find out at work. HTH.

11-21-10, 10:58 PM
My 2007 EXT has rainsense wipers. The Sensor attached to the windshield just in front of the rear view mirror. One sensor is for the Autolights, the round one to the right mounted on the windshield is for the wipers. Check your fuses and the connectors under the overhead center front console. Also if the windshield was replaced at one time in the past with a non rainsense one you will lose that option.

11-22-10, 02:05 AM
Windshield looks to be the right one...Not sure but it has the black dot pattern around the rain sensor eye, so???? How do I find which fuse to check? Is it in the manual? Like I said before when I touch the back of the sensor it works so I assume the fuse is working...May be the sensor is bad or was a replacement and installed incorrectly..

HTH, that would be great if you could find out how much it costs to replace!!! CJM

11-22-10, 03:38 AM
After I had my 00 DHS windshield replaced with the proper windshield my rainsense did not work reliably. I believe there is an adjustment in the sensor housing but I also understand if it is not installed exactly correctly onto the windshield it won't work and frequently that is the case in windshield replacements.

11-23-10, 01:26 AM
Theres a part that you need if your windshield has been replaced. its the rain sensing gel or "jelly" that actually makes it work. if you look in the round sensor area from the outside by your rear view mirror, it should look like theres gel in the circle. if not....you need it. I found out the hard way after i bought my EXT and drove it home in the rain, and wow, i had no delay wipers....so i decided to break down and spend the 100 bucks for the part. I didnt want to pay to have it installed so i did it myself, wasnt too hard, just nerve racking because i dont think you can take it off once you stick it on.

Joja Boi
01-14-11, 09:22 PM
Did anyone find out how much the rain sensor costs? I'm having the same problem. Just disconnected the sensor until I get a new one.

01-16-11, 04:42 PM
My rain senor seems to be working okay, but what I get is the wipers will wipe when I reposition the steering wheel (Up or down) and sometimes when I turn on the Turn Signals, any ideas?

03-13-11, 01:04 AM
how do you turn on the rainsense wipers?

03-13-11, 04:26 AM
how do you turn on the rainsense wipers?

There are two settings that will over-ride the rain sensing wipers (highest two). The rest are for the rain sense system. Just leave it at one setting, and if it rains, they should come on automatically. If they don't, just toggle the settings once, and they should work!