: 500 Heater hose connections

11-21-10, 06:30 PM
Hello everyone...Just picked up a 73 500 and TH400 combo for my upcoming Rat Rod 37 Chevy Truck project....Been a Big Block chevy man for years...Figured it was time to try something different and a bigg 500 CI Caddy motor fit the ticket!!!

I'm sure to have multiple questions as my project progresses..but let start with this one!!!

This engine I just got was a running one that I didn't pull from the car..so really didn't get to see where some of the hose connections go to.

I do not plan on running a heater core in this project but can't seem to figure where the heater hose connection are on this block. It looks as if one connection may have been coming off the back of the passenger side head...but can't seem to figure where the other connection is.

Also..across the front of the block there is a tube that connects to both cylinder heads with some type of hose connection (maybe 5/8")..What is that for?

Thanks in advance!


11-21-10, 11:22 PM
The heater hoses were , one from the back of the pass. head and the other was eather to the radiator or the block above the water pump near the thermostat...the tube thats going to the from the front of the heads was for the AIR pump... Most guys take off the air pump and plug the holes , dimes work...most everybody I know uses a HIE distrubtor ... by using 425 pullies off a 77-79 non Cal caddy , lets a HIE distrubtor and non air pump set-up work.Check out MTS.. they have everything you need for these motors..