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11-20-10, 10:34 PM
Hey whats going on people? Newbe here from N.J. Been reading around these threads for a while. Allot of useful information on here. Im on my 3rd escalade and this being the sour one other two problem free had an 02 with 55k and an 03 with 100k now I just bought another 03 with 111k and came with a couple of issues. Lets see if I could get some help on here. I bought this 03 about 1 month ago for a dirt cheap price thats why I took it with the couple issues. It has like a whining noise up front when Im on the highway you hear it as you speed up but once your at high speds I dont hear it but when you let the accelarator off you hear it and upon taken off you start hearing it not so loud but i could hear it. Was readind on hear it might be a hub bearing? Not sure though. I changed the fluids on the differential after i Read a thread on fluid changes on here i noticed a couple metal shavings but not much any help if it could be a hub bering?? Another issue was I never heard the air compressor for the air ride turn on and when i looked at the rear shocks they look empty the bags look lik the are a little torn on the bottom but theres no air at all in the rear but the truck sits high in the rear its not sagging I do have 22inch escalade wheels on there but thats it. I had the service ride control message but i Took out the rtd fuse and the light shut off. But the truck still sits even all the way around. But when im driving on highway and hit a pothole or something trucks all over the road guess im going to have to replace all shocks and put nonairride shocks on there like the thread with nathanjax?? And the last thing was my service airbag light is on i see the 2 airbag impact sensors under the front bumper but could it be something else? It had a front impact with first owner but everything was fixed professionaly. Thats the only light I have on now, and sometimes the stability disabled comes on then goes off quickly and same for the abs service brake message comes on and turns off in less then a couple seconds any help would be appreciated. I have a couple pics I wanted to post but said file was to big any help posting them for me would be greatfull I could send you the pics thanks. God Bless.

11-20-10, 10:55 PM
I am also dealing with the air bag light myself, you have to get the system scaned and it will tell you which front impact sensor is bad or maybe both. In my case both sensor one and two were bad. But after installing both sensors and clearing the codes it is giving me a hard code stating deployment actavated. I believe the SDM now has to be replaced or sent out to reset it and to boot the truck has never been in an accident. As far as the wheel bearing see if the noise goes away when you swerve right or left at like 30mph. if you notice it gets louder one way and stops the other it would be a front wheel bearing.

01-02-11, 04:54 PM
What is the RTD fuse? what do you mean?

01-02-11, 06:25 PM
What is the RTD fuse? what do you mean?

RTD is Real Time Dampening. That's the air suspension.

BTW, all my non-air suspension is for sale...


01-02-11, 07:55 PM
I also have the air bag sensor going on. Those things ain't cheap! Not looking forward to getting new sensors.