: just got a 96 fleetwood. now what????

sinatra caddy
11-20-10, 08:15 PM
i sold my 97 deville when a 96 fleetwood came for sale. my 97 deville had 139 450 on the clock and needed a fuel pump. sold for 2500. i bought the 96 fleetwood brougham for 1 thounsand bucks. 89k on the odometer. this is my first rearwheel drive caddy. what do i do first?? what do i check, make sure.... so on and so forth. i still have a 99 deville and the fleetwood dwarfs it!!!!!

11-20-10, 08:42 PM
Congrats on new purchase! If you plan working on your car, buy FSM on eBay.
Run the diagnostics codes. Scroll down the FAQ page and play the video. Write down the codes if any and check the meaning.

11-21-10, 11:34 AM
Congrats, you got really good car . Have a good tune up . Parts are considerably cheaper than fwd cars as well

sinatra caddy
11-21-10, 06:21 PM
well. i thought i had a half tank of gas today. wrong. so aparently the gas gauge sticks at half tank. is this a normal problem for these cars? other than that she drives like a beauty!

11-21-10, 07:09 PM
yeah mine stops a little under a quarter. gatta keep an eye on it. common problem, someone posted a fix for it, but you gatta take off your gas tank and solder on the sender i think

11-21-10, 07:44 PM
Despite my gauge is accurate, I always reset trip odometer after every fill-up. It gives me an idea how much was used.

01-20-11, 06:36 PM
#1) park her for a month.
#2) lower it 3 inches.
#3) paint it burgundy or flat black.
#4) buy headers or fab some your self.
#5) buy a 2 flowmaster 40 series muflers, preformance cat's and rectangle tips
#6) send your heads and intake manni off to get a hot tank cleaning and mild p&p
#7) buy a K&N tru flow filter
#8) slap on all of that and have one BAD @$$ "sleeper"

but keep it on the hush :shhh: hush. its a secret formula!