: '06 DTS Performance almose mine...but

11-20-10, 08:05 PM
Comin' close!

'06 DTS Performance, 84K miles, all the goodies except nav and adaptave cruise. Selling for WAY under NADA...stupid money under NADA. The seller is looking to cover his buyout and out of pocket on new brakes and a strut he will be putting on.

The seller works for a GM dealership (but this is a personal vehicle of his) and the dealer is willinng to sell me a 24/24,000 GM Value Guard warranty for $100 over cost.

One concern I have. While the car looks to be in immaculate condition, inside and out, the chrome wheels (18" OEM) are peeling badly on the inside, and have a lot of pitting. Is this normal for an '06? I could probably drive this car for two years and still sell if for far more than I am paying, unless I have to replace or re-chrome the wheels. Does anyone know the going price to re-chrome a wheel like this?

This car is replacing my '04 DHS that was totaled, and I can't wait to get my hands on it!


11-20-10, 08:16 PM
I just reposted this for Showgirl on another thread. But here it goes again. Maybe the seller can get his dealer to cover it for you.....

Re: 2006 DTS Rims Peeling
Well, I got my new wheels installed Friday after about a month and a half of corresponding with GM. Bulletin 07-03-10-015 instructs exactly how GM should deal with wheel appearance issues.

Just a couple of bullet points:

* Eligible conditions are warranted for the full term of the New Vehicle Warranty
* Any defects in the finish, balance, or structure of the wheel resulting from the improper manufacture are covered under the New Vehicle Warranty for the full time and mileage limits of that warranty. Typical covered issues that you may encounter are:
* Flaky or pitted chrome on the visible wheel surface indicating poor adhesion of the plating.
* Flaking or peeling on the backside of wheel indicating poor adhesion of the plating (they will not replace a wheel for this alone, they will only repaint backside of wheel).

It's just a matter of getting someone at GM to get the field representatives to follow their own written policy.

So if anyone else looking for help with General Motors chrome wheels peeling or blistering, I recommend going through their customer service channels, and if that fails get a hold of the executive office at General Motors (ie headquarters), that's who helped me out the most. Don't Give UP! Go to the BBB autoline arbitrator if needed, and if that doesn't work, goto small claims court.
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