: I have a light out, not sure what it is. (1990 Deville)

11-19-10, 05:33 PM
Hello, I'm not sure which light bulb I need to replace one of my burnt out lights.

Also how are you supposed to get to and remove this light? Its the one on the bumper I believe.

Maybe if there is a diagram or photograph somewhere that someone can post that shows all the lights and what they are or maybe how to replace them that would be awesome.

I'll attach a photo. Its the one with the black arrow pointing at it. (I know I'm not the best artist lol)

Thanks guys.

12-13-10, 06:08 AM
its the front corner bulb take it out and any auto part store should know what it is. that light bulb is a pain to get to. first you have to get under the car and you will see the housing for the bulb there is a washer like screw holding it on and a small pair of needle nose plies to get it off because the washer like nut is to fine to put any socket on it. any more questions post them

12-13-10, 11:29 AM
Yea that light is a pain to get out. I wanted to be absolutely sure of what light that is before I go messing around with it.