: Another STS V8 test drive

09-20-04, 08:18 AM
2005 sts test drive 1


Coming from: Most recently = 12,000 miles in a 2003 Lincoln LS V8 Sport – 3.9L / 280 HP V8 w/ 5 speed auto-manual and similar weight.

Correction: The STS V8 appears to be approx. 300# heavier than my LS V8.
- Oops - Sorry . . .

I drove it for about 15 miles – over very familiar streets and a stretch of Interstate near where I live.

First, since this was a 1SE with no other options (only 2 V8 STSs that my closest dealer has received were identical except for color.) and if I purchased one, it will likely be a 1SG, with the “Performance Handling Package” = Michelin P255/45R18 Pilot Sport (Sport Package) on 8” wide rims = Free Flow RPO: QAF.

So - I tried to focused on the items / attributes that would likely be very similar on a 1SG. And not on things that would be changed.

Trans. – smooth up and downshifts. Somewhat better shift quality than I have now. No odd behavior there, except . . .

In a test, I left it in the Manual Gate, in 5th gear, when coming to a full stop. It still displayed M5 – but when I pulled away, it had clearly, really put itself back into full automatic mode? Display stayed the same. Seems very odd.

I heard sliding noises (apparently coming from the 2 / 4 intersecting slide cover pieces that keep anything from falling down into the console shift mechanism??) on every movement of the lever forward or back for a ‘manual’ shift. Perhaps an adjustment could fix this? (Mine has always been silent.)

Ride without MagnaRide – very similar to my 2003 Lincoln LS8 Sport. Not bad, but not as smooth over patched asphalt as I had hoped. But again, I am waiting for 1 with MagnaRide (1SG or 1SF, sunroof, etc.) to drive for comparison. I am hoping that the MagnaRide will allow an STS with the 18” wheels to ride at least as well as my LS on 17s.

Engine – Very quiet. Too quiet for my taste – Actually, not the engine, but rather the dual exhaust is too quiet for me. I prefer to hear at least some of that unique V8 heterodyne beat. I’d expect to either replace the rear mufflers with something like MagnaFlows or have a full ‘CatBack’ system like Corsa’s put on shortly after purchase. But that’s just me.

Perhaps someone can help me here –

My understanding of optional / available axle ratios is:

V-6: 3.42.
V-8: 2.73, 3.23, 3.42.
AWD V-8: 3.23 only.

The brochure shows the 3.42 as included with the 1SG. Does this mean that all other (non-1SG) V8 STSs coming with the 2.73? Or at least all ‘V8 Base’ and 1SEs?

This would potentially explain the relatively high EPA highway number of 26 – and the fact that many who have driven the news STS state that it does not feel like 320 hp / sub-6 sec. 0-60. I would have to agree, the acceleration (both ‘off the line’ and highway merge) was not what I had expected.

That 2.73 ratio would take away substantial acceleration – but allow low rpm at cruise. (2.73 to 3.42 = approx. 20% less torque multiplication!!!!) Particularly if 1SG is limited to a very small percentage of total V8 production, perhaps that allows a higher (weighted) EPA average? Will the EPA ratings listed on a 1SG be different than other V8s? Has anyone seen a 1SG sticker? Interesting. . .

My dealer notified me, via email after I left, that he expects a 1SG this Friday. Perhaps I can answer a few of my own questions, if it actually arrives on schedule.

Interesting drive.
- Ray
STS V8 is still on my ‘short list’ for whenever I feel that my LS needs replacement . . .

09-20-04, 10:33 AM
I am considering a LSV8 Sport and the STS. The interior on the LS seems rather plain, but I like the heated/cooled seats and the electronic parking brake. I am going to try the STS V6 too.

Have you had good luck with the LS? I imagine the resale value isn't the greatest...

09-20-04, 10:59 AM
" I imagine the resale value isn't the greatest..."

True - and the way I addressed this was buying a 2003 in January of this year - at Invoice less a $6,000 rebate.

For just over $32K out the door, I have essentially had Ford / L-M largely take care of my initial depreciation concerns. . .

No issues at 12,000+ miles.

The cooled seats are terrific here (Atlanta area) and I believe the 1SF and 1SG STS both have this as well.

- Ray
Enjoyin the drive . . .