View Full Version : Couple of questions / issues.

11-18-10, 08:53 PM
I've searched quite a bit to find whats wrong, but it doesnt seem anyone has the same issue.

The first issue is the heated seats. Most discussions ive found were about the seat turning off after a couple seconds. When i hit the switch on my front and passenger seats the light stays on like it should be working, but there's no heat what so ever. Any idea what it could be?

The second issue is a loud knock that comes from under the passenger side floor. It only happens right after i turn the car on, but doesnt happen every time. It sounds almost like i something heavy fell onto the floor, but there's nothing there. Any idea?

The final issue is my rear defogger. It just simply stopped working. It still defogs the mirrors, but not the back. I haven't really looked into this issue since its not major, but any info would be great.


12-29-10, 02:38 AM
I'm having the same issue with the loud knock after I start my 02 Esc, it doesn't matter if it's cold or hot outside and it doesn't happen every time I start it, but it happens often enough. I can't figure out what that noise is either. Anyone else having the same issue?