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11-18-10, 05:19 PM
New Model or recent Models - Cadillac Executives in GM/Cadillas Power Train Department need to know "It Works!!" and needed!

At last a proven 100% fix for Northstar - Head Gasket Failure

My 2001 Deville, that I purchased new, with 65,000 miles just had a blown head gasket, had not overheated yet, just using coolant and failed the exhaust in coolant test.

I did not trust the TimeSert that I consider a temporary fix as too many have failed after the one (1) year, 12,000 mile warranty from the Cadillac/GM dealerships.

My research took me to the SureGrip Head Stud Kit fix as I insisted on a stud fix, not the failed design of a bolt down head bolt into aluminum block system that came with the Northstar 4.6L engine.

I wanted a Cadillac Dealer, with the best engine techs to do the work, and wanted the best head stud kit installed (SureGrip) to fix forever the head gasket inherent problem in the Northstar 4.6L engine.

Fortunately, slowly yet surly, Cadillac Dealerships are coming over to the SureGrip Head Stud Kit fix and moving away from the GM installed TimeSert Bolt system attempt to fix (does not usually work long term).

I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. I was willing to go to a Cadillac Dealership in Topeka, Kansas if need be to have them perform the Head Gasket repair. Before I did that I approached Crest Cadillac in Plano, Texas to install the SureGrip Head Stud Kit from www.NorthstarPerformance.com .

Crest Cadillac has one of the best Northstar engine men in the country. His name is Guss; I cannot spell his last name! The service advisor that was handpicked for me to work with, to be the first to use the SureGrip Head Stud Kit, was Mr. Randy Nabors (O-214-613-1416 / Cell 469-446-9712). Crest Cadillac was very interested in seeing and installing a SureGrip Head Stud Kit that they had been hearing about and were excited to do the work for me with this new proven fix for the blown head gaskets.

Guss the engine man with Crest Cadillac thought the SureGrip Head Stud Kit looked great, strong quality, looks like the strong precision studs used on all the racing engines! I could not have presented a better repair solution, far superior to the prone to fail TimeSerts or any bolt system versus stud system.

NOTE: The SureGrip Head Stud Kit from www.NorthstarPerformance.com is the only stud kit system I could find in the market place, and proven in over 400+ installed, and ZERO failure!

Guss showed me the entire engine apart and what caused the damage, bolts that broke loose in the aluminum block under the 275 HP of the engine, that did not hold as the aluminum came out with the bolts and the bolts did not hold and thus the head and head gasket failure.

Guss put the engine back together perfectly, the first time, no returning for re-fix, ready to run for years and miles to come. My Northstar engine, that has known head gasket problems, has gone from the most negative part of the car to the most valuable. I now have a true performance gem of an engine with strong reliability. The heads and head gaskets are now one of the strongest parts of the engine!

I understand GM Power Train in Detroit is watching the progress with these SureGrip Head Stud Kits very closely, as it is now proven that the GM approved TimeSert fix really is a temporary fix and always has been. The TimeSerts in many cases just work until the warranty period is up, 12 months/12,000 miles. Heck, I can make a blown head gasket last that long if I drive slow and stay level, no hills!

My 2001 Deville was born to run, long, hard, and fast. Now with the repair using the SureGrip Head Stud Kit it will, for longer than the car body will last!

I hope GM Power Train will quickly make the SureGrip their chosen fix for Northstart blown head gaskets, for all their Cadillac Dealerships. Yet until they do the Dealers are one by one, doing it themselves!

In the same week I purchased new my 2001 Deville I also purchased new a second 2001 Deville for I liked the power and feel of the drive of these special cars. Now that the big V8 and the big luxury Cadillac sedan is on the outs, I am really glad I did, for they do not make them much longer. I have my two (2) and the engines have a onetime cure for the problem of the blown head gasket!

When and if my other 2001 Deville with only 68,000 miles has a blown head gasket, as I am sure it will happen, there is no question it will be repaired with a 100% fix using the SureGrip Head Stud Kit and have the ride I like for years to come, as they do not these cars any longer.

If you do not want to do the installation yourself and you want a precision job, talk to your Cadillac Dealership and let them know there are maybe over 15 other Cadillac Dealers in the country that are already installing the SureGrip Head Stud Kits to repair blown head gaskets and overheating Northstar engines. The instructions are straight forwarded and detailed. NorthstarPerformance.com is there to answer any installation questions.

Does it sound like I am selling? You bet I am. I need my Northstar engines to last until I am no longer driving and I want the small business man that keeps them running to be in business. It sure is not GMs repair design that is keeping my engines in good repair for years to come!

It is Jake and his company www.NorthstarPerformance.com that designed and continues to perfect and improve the SureGrip Head Stud Kit. It was the Best $550 I ever spent on my, not made anymore, 2001 Deville.

I am happy, Crest Cadillac of Plano, Texas is happy, and we appreciate Jake for his design, product, and support!

If a permanent fix was not available, the cars are junked and most likely a non-GM/Cadillac car will be purchased.

We need to support those that support the longer life of our Northstar Cadillacs.

I truly have a BetterNorthstar!