: Quick fix for a windshield wiper problem some of you have.

09-19-04, 11:39 PM
I had windsheild wipers on my 1979 deville stuck on. I've heard of many of you with the same problem. There was just two things I did. I dont know how newer or older caddies wiper motor assembly looks, but on mine there are a couple of wires leading into the assembly. They are both the kind where there are two paralell wires leading into a plastic connecter which in turn attaches to two metal tabs. Remove both of those. There should be one right above the other, both in plain view if looking from the front of the car twoard the window. After I did this, the wipers worked just the way they should. Unfortunately the window washer wont work anymore. Its the rainy season so you wont need to wash them anyway. A quick temporary fix for an annoying problem.