: Question about dts with ''magnetic-ride' feature

11-18-10, 01:05 PM
Our new 2010 (first time DTS owners) is a wonderful 'cushy' soft 'ride' .... but we've also experienced the stiff-ride of the 'sports-suspension' of a CTS. Two totally different cars, we know.
But we'd like to know if anyone owning a DTS that has the ''magnetic ride' feature notice a 'stiffening' of the suspension that resembles the 'feel' of a sports suspension (i.e. CTS) when the DTS is in that 'magnetic-ride' mode?
When in the 'magnetic-ride' mode is the 'cushiness' of the DTS eliminated? :cloud9:
Is it worth the extra money to purchase the model with Magnetic ride' ?
Thanks so much for any input -

383 LT1 SS
11-18-10, 02:23 PM
Before I purchased my DTS performance I test drove the DTS with the standard suspension and there is a big difference IMHO. The car feels much more firm & planted with the magnetic ride control. I have not driven a CTS so I really can't give you a comparsion between the two.

383 LT1 SS

11-18-10, 02:37 PM
I did lots of back to back testing before I bought. CTS, STS, STS with N*, and DTS. To me, the DTS Performance handled like the STS in routine maneuvering and on the highway (Didn't try any stuff like parking lot donuts or mountain slaloms) and was softer intown. But the DTS was much more comfortable inside from a driving position, seat comfort standpoint.

The non-MRC DTS rides a bit sloppy (sloppily??) in my opinion.