: Can someone tell me what this hose is for???

11-17-10, 03:34 PM
While replacing the Alternator, I noticed a loose hose in the engine compartment. It comes out of the bottom of the Radiator on the Driver's side of the vehicle and just goes up and ends. I've looked around for places where it may have fallen off, but can not find anything.

I'm trying to find out what it is?
The purpose?
And how important it is to be re-connected...
For all I know, it is a drain hose, used the last time someone changed fluids, and has no purpose at all.

I've underlined the hose in yellow to showcase it.
Any assistance is appreciated.





11-17-10, 09:58 PM
I'm guessing it's a vent hose and it's not meant to be connected to anything. The end of the hose doesn't look like it's ever been clamped to anything before.

11-18-10, 11:30 AM
RE Hose end - agreed - looks virgin inside and out on the end... That's why I took that last reference pic.

Just checking to be sure... Can anyone else with an 02 Escalade EXT confirm if their vehicle has the same hose unhooked??


11-18-10, 03:38 PM
I'll have a look when the missus gets back from work. Not an EXT but should be similar. Will post back.

11-18-10, 08:46 PM
Also got that hose. Its routed up on the side of the rad thru the eyelet you can barely see on top of ur second picture.

11-21-10, 12:13 PM
Maybe hose for radiator drain ? Unsure