: LED VS Factory bulbs

11-14-10, 09:22 AM
I love all of the LED bulbs I replaced but why do they seem to burn out quicker. Not all of the bulbs go out maybe just one or 2 or the start to blink or flash. I wish they would last longer! I know the ones from eBay and from Hong Kong are cheap and burn out faster than V-LEDS right? I usually by all from V-LEDS unless they are out of stock. Has anyone found out any kind of bright bulb other than LED's?

11-14-10, 10:19 AM
I guess I'm surprised to hear this. I guess I always assumed that one reason LEDs were better was that they didn't burn out as quickly as standard bulbs.

11-20-10, 06:59 PM
If the LED is on all the time (driving lights) I also have noticed they burn out (like you said one or two or sometimes blink). I was told I needed a resistor given the fact LED doesn't draw as much current. I got new bulbs (3157 360 degrees) now these ones are starting to do the samething.

On the other hand I love the look. I completed both my 09 Escalade and 07 Duramax inside and out. I dont regret it, just wish the ones that stay on for long periods of time would last longer.