: drone

11-12-10, 11:41 PM
My 2001 DTS has started making a steady noise that changes with car speed not with engine rpm. The noise is similar to that made by tires with an aggresive tread pattern but I haven't changed the tires. Does anyone have an idea as to what that might be?

11-13-10, 09:15 AM
If the sound doen't change with engine speed and does change with vehicle speed I think it is related to the drive train. I would check the constant velocity joints for lubrication, a worne or tore boot or just wear.

11-13-10, 09:23 AM
Wrong forum ,,
I think it might be your wheel bearing. Had same problem on my old 2001 DHS. Be prepared to spend about $600.00

11-13-10, 12:37 PM
Yeah, wrong forum. This one is for 2006 and newer DTSs.

11-16-10, 01:09 AM
Check the wheel bearings.