: Engine cleaning.

11-12-10, 08:28 AM
What would you typically use to clean around your engine? What places should you avoid spraying?

Big Windy Ext
11-12-10, 09:37 AM
From my experience don't hose it down , I took out a Mercedes neutral safety circuit board $1200 worth and I was avoiding spraying anything that looked important , I tried disputing it , people do drive in the rain . I use a rag and a safe cleaner or WD40 .

11-12-10, 10:02 AM
What sort of safe cleaner would you suggest? Wouldn't WD40 leave an oily film attracting more dirt?

Big Windy Ext
11-12-10, 10:11 AM
Sorry , I use the WD 40 to clean oily and greasy areas , otherwise 409 , Windex . To dress Armor all type product. I used to use Engine Dress spray , its just clear lacquer paint , but it would discolor and peel

11-13-10, 03:24 AM
Go to Walmart and get yourself a cheap can of Supertech engine degreaser. Foams up nice, works great and doesn't leave a nasty residue. I don't avoid anything. Just no high pressure hoses when you wash it off. Low pressure hose settings only. Been doing this for years. No problems. And when your done, don't apply "dressing" to anything, it just attracts dirt. If it really must shine, then apply some Mothers "Back To Black". The only thing you should put on exterior plastic. Moisturizes the plastics rather than "shining" them. Was a god send on my wife's Avalanche. That damn thing looked better than brand new after 4 years. No plastic fade at all.

S60 R
11-13-10, 12:29 PM
I use Simple Green, full strength if it's real bad. Let it sit for 5 mins, and hose out with warm water from a garden hose. Obviously, you don't want to hold the hose right on electronics, but I hose down the whole engine bay. Then spray it down with Armor All.

I've done this for years, once or twice a year on everything from my '95 Ford truck and a tuned Volvo S60 R, to my Z06 and have never had a problem.

Nice Ride
04-13-12, 08:35 PM
Same here, started using gunk on my 75 Cutlass for years, it was the best degreaser. Problem was the smell of the cleaner would stick around for at least 2weeks. After gunk, hose down, then silicone all wires, connectors, bolts. Then red battery terminal protectant. When engine is totally dry, amoral everything (original amoral only ) no wiping, close hood, wait half hour, open hood..... Amazing!!!!!! I've don this for over 20 years. Side note, I have damaged a throttle position sensor on a Seville. Back in the day, you had to cover the distributor cap to keep moisture out, some times no matter what, moisture would get in, open it up, dry the cap, good to go.

Today same process only I use purple degreaser from home depot on a warm engine, let it sit 15, hose it off, let engine dry, silicone all wires, connectors bolts, then amoral everywhere there is black plastic, black painted metal, foam, hoses etc. don't worry about the white puddles, lines of amoral, close the hood, wait 1/2 hour open the hood... Amazing!!!!!!

04-14-12, 01:17 AM
What about oxidation on the block and other components? I've got this white efflorescence all over the place. How do you guys get that off...sorry not trying to jack your thread...I can't seem to get that stuff off.

04-14-12, 02:12 PM
How to clean an ohv engine.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vp6CTNAU2YU&feature=plcp&context=C4f5d4c7VDvjVQa1PpcFOtpNIOfm705Ozy6OeIIQcF hoJrIAr6aUY%3D

04-15-12, 08:46 AM
Great vid Hannity!!! Thanx for taking the time to share your cleaning process. I do the exact same process on my vehicles. I use a product called Totally Awesome. It can be found at Dollar stores for....well...$1. This stuff works wonders for tons of different cleaning jobs, including degreasing/cleaning the engine. Bugs splattering on the front of my vehicles drive me crazy, and they are a huge pain to scrub off. Now I just spray the front end down with this stuff, before anything else, and then wash them off with soapy water. Never been easier! It also works good on tires, tar spots, etc. I can't find anything as good for the $$$. I need to try that Back to Black on my plastic sometime soon.

04-15-12, 02:43 PM
Hey np I don't mind sharing, but that's not my vid.I got rid of my lade. When I saw the topic I figured I would spread the info. :)