View Full Version : cold air hvac issue

11-11-10, 02:54 PM
i'm getting errors when performing a search so i apologize if this issue has been discussed. I have a '04 escalade awd with 55k miles, original owner. last winter my hvac started acting up. when i start the car and let it idle, the engine temp goes to 200 but the hvac continues to blow cold air, even with the temp set at the highst temp. if i put the truck in gear and move forward about 10 yeards the hvac starts to blow hot air. Now I've noticed my hvac will sometime blow cold air continuously until i adjust one of the temp knobs. even when i have the system on auto, the fan starts blowing on high before the engine even warms up. The fan use to start off low and increase as the engine temp incresed. any suggestions?

11-14-10, 06:14 PM
Sure sounds like a loose connection at the temp sensor for the climate control or a bad sensor. The only other time I saw this condition was on a Yukon and the coolant level had gone down too far. Water pump was leaking and he didn't pay attention to is fluid levels. Dunno why the lcl sensor didn't flash the dash.

12-31-10, 12:57 AM
thanks. i will check my coolant level tmrw.. so far the temp gauge has remained at normal operating temps while driving