View Full Version : Rear Seat Recline Latch Won't Catch

kyle f
11-11-10, 01:50 PM
Yep, so not too long ago I had to lay down my 2nd row seats and pull the 3rd row out to carry some boating accessories.

Well, when I went to put everything back, I realized that my drivers side rear captains chair seat back wont catch. So, anyone experienced this before? GOt an idea how to get my latch working again? It appears that the cogs on the catch side are not moving up to cat the cogs on the set back to lock in place.

06-17-14, 08:26 PM
Three and a half year old thread and not one reply. Shame on you forum guys. OK, I now have the same problem and it happened in the same way. Anyone have any insight on what happened and how to fixit?

the cadillac man
06-18-14, 12:29 AM
I will look at mine and see how they work tomorrow when I have some free time

06-18-14, 08:03 AM
It's just a cheap plastic handle and the inside strips out. I just bought one on EBAY for 6 bucks and it works perfect again. In the mean while you can take out the center screw and pull the handle off then use some plyers on the metal shaft to put your seat in position. Make sure you buy the handle for the correct side because the passenger and driver side handles are different.